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Name: Julie

Nickname(s): I don’t think I have one

Birthday: 8th of February

Gender: Female

Height: 173 cm

Current time zone: GMT +1/CET

Most used phrases: "kan ikke, har øving" (I can’t, I have practise)

Last thing you said to a family member: I asked my dad were he was going

Favourite beverage(s): Fanta or water

First word that comes to mind: blyantspisser (pencil sharpener), I’m looking straight at one

Place that makes you feel happy and why: My summer house, because I have so many happy memories there

Last movie watched at the cinema: 22nd Jump Street, I think

Three things you can’t live without: music, people, chocolate

Something you plan on learning: Russian or Dutch, idk, music, school stuff

…And I will not tag anyone, I’m way too tired

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